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Senin, 05 September 2011

Game Booster 3 Final

Kalau sebelumnya ane sudah ngeshare Game Booster 2.4 & 3 beta 1 full, kali ini ane akan mengeshare game booster 3 yang udah dirilis atau udah finalnya.Berikut fitur-fitur yang dimiliki game booster 3.

What's new in Game Booster 3:

+ Added "Diagnose"(Game Booster 3 now can analyze and generate a report which shows the weakness of your system that can effect your gaming experience)
+ Redesigned the UI (Now it's simpler and more classic)
+ Redesigned GameBox (Instead of dragging the icon into GameBox, the new GameBox automatically shows you the games in your computer and you can add any games in it by simply clicking "Add")
+ Added "Game Desktop" (If you run games via GameBox now, you don't see desktop and taskbar anymore)
+ Enhanced the detection feature (Game Booster 3 is now able to detect the games on Steam)
+ Optimized Boost module (Added "user vote" features)
+ Enhanced Tools (Driver, Defrag and Tweak)
+ New "Boost" features (You can now edit your own "blacklist" and "whitelist" in Game Booster 3)
+ Added "Forums"

Release Date:2011-8-26
File size: 4.64 MB
Version: V3.0
License Type: Freeware

Download here

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